The Best Destination in Las Vegas: Seaquest Interactive Aquarium


Are you looking for first place in las vegas for you and your kids?  The seaquest interactive aquarium is a totally Responsive and enjoyable experience for the whole family.   this interactive aquarium has over 31,000 square feet of animal species.   this allows youtu be connected with ocean life including dolphins, stingrays and sharks.  And if you’re braver you can feed many kinds of birds from different parts of the world, experience Giving food to many types of reptiles like tortoises, alligators and snakes.   this allows awareness regarding the different animals living with us in the same planet.

The  Seaquest from has made it possible for the people to experience the wonderful wonders in the planet from  life in the rainforests  end the best exotic marine life to the hot and wonders mysteries of the desert.  Visitors will definitely go back for more as there are various themes depending on the different areas of the earth for example there’s  the amazon river or the california coast.  For adventurers there are walk in aviaries, Reef shark and tropical fish aquariums that are free for feeding and caiman alligators that are also allowed for feeding.

Various Themes Offered

Stingray Interaction

Stingrays are one of the most enchanting  creatures in this planet that’s why seaquest from provides one of a kind experience that allows you to swim along side them in a lagoon that is not so deep.

Fish Spa

Receive the best and harmless feet spa by dr fishes.  these gentle fishes simply remove the dead skin cells on your feet without any harm at all. This is actually available for all ages it results to a smoother and healthier skin along with the release of stress and the fun that it brings. To understand more about aquariums, visit

The Amazon Rainforest Experience

If you love the jungle then this is the right theme for you as this provides a real life experience from the collection of the world’s biggest tropical rainforest.

Marine California Experience

if you are into marine life, this experience will bring you much wonder as you get to discover cold water crustaceans and giants of the deep such as the giant pacific octopus.

Creatures that Naturally Produce Light

This might surprise you but there are creatures which naturally produce light of their own which includes scorpions, tarantula spiders, isopods, large polyp stony corals and  red eyed tree frogs.

Mayan Junglebrazil is well known by its mayan jungle as it bears the various kinds of creatures teeming with colour such as the tropical birds, various ear types, different reptiles and fishes.

We have other several enjoyable varieties to offer for you and your family to enjoy just click this link.


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